Explority starts a new three year educational program for sustainable development. Nawa & Bubo is designed for children in Germany who want to connect with same aged children in Africa, Latin America and Asia from 2020-2022. During the project based activities, German school children will discuss global threats to biodiversity, access to clean water or eco systems like rain forests and oceans. The children will raise awareness for these challenges to nature conservation using fairytales connected to these very phenomenons.

A Nature rich in clean ecosystems biodiversity and clean water are part of the childrens right to a clean environment. If we help to protect the Environment we strengthen children rights!

The program is starting with investigating the rich nature and biodiversity in Africa and the threats challenging sustainable Development on this continent. We are collecting sagas and fairytales from Africa which deal with individual species, eco systems and nature components to iloustrate the challenges lying ahead of us to protect the environment and with it children Rights!

We are now available for school classes in Germany interested in participating in our project for 2020,2021 and 2022. For further information on the program and how to participate, please contact us at post@explority.org