Explority’s new program “Young Voices for SDG” started on June 6th with a pilot project featuring youth from Berlin who met at Haus der Jugend Köpenick or just called Caffe Köpenick

They got together there to discuss the Global Goals for Sustainable Development of the United Nations (SDG’s) to prepare for a peer-to-peer exchange on the SDG’s with youth in Freetown, Sierra Leone and in Kampala, Uganda.

Partners in this project are Sensi Tech Hub – Tech Innovation Hub in Freetown and the Rainbow House of Hope in Kampala.

Girls for SDG – Sensi Tech Hub – Tech Innovation Hub – Freetown, Sierra Leone

During the project they chatted with each other to learn about different life circumstances and opinions on the SDG’s.

Caro and Lu were part of the team who engaged in the live chat event with Sierra Leone and worked on the film Young Voices for SDG, which collects different cultural views, regional and personal challenges as well as biographical experiences.

Lu and Caro during the podcast recordings

Inspired by what they had learned from their peers on how to take action for a more sustainable world, they decided to record audio testimonials about what is necessary to foster the Global Goals for Sustainable development and how they personally contribute to them.

“Language has the power to change our mindset and actions!”

Here we would like to listen to what Caro has to say about Goal 5: Gender Equality in Germany:


Another important topic in Germany is Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. Lu gives us a personal view on how consume responsibly when it comes to Fashion.

“There are so many important choices, use them!”